Fire Door Operator RSX®

The RSX®​ Fire Door Operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved for use in Fire Door assemblies in the United States and UL listed in the United States and Canada. These standard duty operators feature a 24-hour battery backup and secure mounting options to fit any application.​​​​


Front of hood or top of hood mount. Hoist models are left-hand or right-hand. RSX® Fire Door Operator mounts similar to a standard service operator reducing installation time.

Continuous duty motor available in ½, ¾ and 1 horsepower, single or three-phase.​​​​

Progressive Breaking
Advanced DC break system bring the door to a soft stop for less wear and tear​

Advanced Radio Receiver System With Auto Seek Frequency Range
Quickly and easily learns up to 250 CodeDodger® transmitters. This system will automatically cycle between 315 and 390 frequencies. Can add and delete transmitters from the menu and easily identify which transmitters are operating the door.

Easy Limit Setting With LimitLock®
An electro/mechanical limit sensor that makes it easy to set and maintain limits.

Fire Door Operator Module
The FDO module controls fire door release functions, receives initiating device input and provides warning notification of an impending closure of door.

Easy Installation And Trouble-Shooting With 16 Character LCD Display
Intelligent menu structure and expanded self-diagnostics including cycle counter functionality

Adjustable Timed Close Feature
Standard feature on the main logic board can close door automatically. Timer can be set from zero seconds to five minutes through the LCD display.​

​Voltage Freedom With Voltamatic®
One unit for single phase voltages (115/208/230V), one unit for three phase voltages (208/230/460V) and one unit for three phase 575V. Governor: Controls rate of door descent. ​

Controls rate of door descent.​

Auto-Tensioning SuperBelt®
Automatically adjusts itself to the correct tension.​

FM Approved
Indicates that the product will meet the stated conditions of performance, safety and quality for Fire Door Assemblies FM Class Number 4100.​

UL325 Compliant
Requires the addition of monitored external entrapment devices prior to the operator working in momentary contact in the close direction.​​